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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a storm is lighting up the skies above the peninsula. we witnessed at least six lightning strikes. >> and there is a weather warning at sfo because of thunder and lightning. >> and abc7 meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking all of this right now with live doppler 7hd. sand yaw? >> carolyn and dan, let's check out live doppler 7hd. it has become active, and we are still seeing some rain right now. we have been getting reports from all over the bay area. as we get in closer here, we want to show you what it looked like the last couple hours. as you notice, the moisture is moving in from the south and
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moving toward the north. we have been seeing numerous lightning strikes. people were sending in their tweets and heard loud thunder claps around atherton and followed by some light thundershowers. there have been reports of thunder and lightning in loss altos. we have rain around mariner's island and the san bruno area. the airport warning has been issued in case some of that lightning makes its way toward the region. as you will notice here down around the monterey bay, we are also watching some potential development here just to the west of monterey. we do have thunderstorms in the forecast through the night and heading into tomorrow. i will be back to let you know when this threat will be over. dan? >> sandhya, thank you very much. we will see you shortly. supervisors have just decided that suspended sheriff ross mercurimi should keep his job. >> seven i's and four no's. >> given the motion required nine votes the motion is not approved and the charge of the
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conduct against the sheriff are not sustained. >> so there you have it. abc7 news reporter john alston is there live with an important and dramatic moment. >> the suspended sheriff at the time needed three votes to keep his job. he got four votes. they all sided with mercurimi. at the end of the meeting about 15 minutes ago the sheriff was exuberant and wanted to mend fences with mayor ed lee and others. >> i wanted to thank the board of supervisors for all of their perspectives. they engaged in a thoughtful, difficult, profound profit on behalf of the city. the message is loud and clear by every member that was listening intensely like everybody else. now it is about moving
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forward. we want to mend fences. joy he has been fighting this battle for -- >> he has been fighting this battle for a year or so after a domestic violence charge. the ethics commission says he committed official misconduct, but tonight he got enough votes on the board of supervisors to keep his job. and his wife also expressed relief. >> finally i feel that justice was done. i have a message for mayor lee. you have to be bigger mayor. >> i am asking you not to be scared of setting a precedent of removing a sheriff for office for misconduct related to the sheriff's role. >> can i have medicine? >> ♪ y'all call it city hall
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♪ i call it silly hall >> well, those were some of the people who made public comments during this meeting which began at 2:00 in the afternoon. they heard five hours of public comment. the few people who wanted him kicked out of his job heard boos and hisses when they finished speaking. there has been no word yet from mayor ed le, the man who started the ball rolling and wanted him out of office. we have not heard from the mayor's office, and after talking with him a short time ago, his attorney would not address whether or not he plans to file any legal action to get back pay and deal with other matters in the case. by a vote of 7-4, he gets his job back as sheriff of sacramento. sheriff of san francisco rather. abc7 news. >> a big moment that was.
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thanks. and a big night for bay area baseball. a's and giants both staying alive in the post season. >> the giants win in cinncinati, and the a's taking game three at home with their backs against the wall against the tigers. >> abc sf sports director -- abc7 sports director larry beil is here now. they both have a tough road ahead. >> yes, but alive barely. cocoa crisp spent the past 48 hours replaying his error from game two in his head. he made up for it as you will see. in game three at the coliseum goes over the wall to rob prince fielder of a homerun. fielder was robbed a couple times in this game in the 2-0 victory. sold out 37,000 on hand. the a's as we mentioned still trail the best of five series two games to one with game four coming up tomorrow night. you saw the wild fans. the a's had some help. 37,000 plus screaming at the top of their lungs. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at the coliseum where the celebration took place, and they will still be taking place, alan.
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>> wow, larry, what a difference a home team crowd can make. the celebration erupted as 37,000 fans poured out of that stadium. >> the fans are amazing. from the first inning to the 9th everybody was going crazy. >> we can do it. we have the home advantage. rock on. >> we did it once. we did it again -- we will do it again of the. >> we are up two-1, so it is all right. >> shouldn't you be at home doing your homework? >> nope. >> how did you get out? >> we left early. >> someone once said you learn more from baseball than you learn from anything, so that's why we are here. there are only so many playoff runs in a young boy's life. >> unbelievable. a bunch of young kids, look at
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that. >> all the way! >> the a's are accustomed 20* playing catch up and they narrowed the lead. the tigers lead the series 2-1, but the next two games are here in oakland. and as larry mentioned, game four tomorrow at 6:37. alan wang, reporting live in oakland, abc news. >> good stuff, alan. let's move on to other news. we are hear frght 11-year-old boy -- from the 11-year-old boy who escaped serious injury after being hit head on by a speeding suv this morning in antioch. his mother, a school crossing guard, is desyl in the hospital. is still in the hospital. 47-year-old dana cannady was hurt when the car hit her, another car and another woman. >> i looked and saw the car
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coming through, coming toward me and my mom. >> this is not the way gilbert burton wanted to celebrate his 11th birthday. he was seriously injured after a speeding suv plowed into him, his mother, a crossing guard, and another woman in front of turner elementary school in antioch this morning. his mother, dana, remains hospitalized with broken legs, ribs, a neck and a punctured lung. >> the doctors have told us this is something that is really serious. we have a good support system. our family is our support. >> the suv was going at least 60 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone before clipping a car and then running over those three pedestrians. the suv flipped and ended up on its side in front of a house. >> i hear that audi very loud. trying to run the red light and clipped the curb and plowed right into them. >> two men in the suv took off running. one of them, 22-year-old
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michael james ratliff returned claiming to be the driver. police say they smelled alcohol on his breath. the family wants the other man to turn himself in soon. >> a person laying for dead. it is horrible. >> it is horrible. police say the other person they are looking for from the suv may have an outstanding warrant. the other woman seriously hurt was not identified, but is expected to survive her injuries . a teenager suffered life-threatening stab wounds after a violent fight in san francisco's mission district. police found the 17-year-old girl on the corner of 21st and valencia streets just after 7:00 tonight. she was taken to san francisco general hospital haver being stabbed several -- after being stabbed several times in her torso. they are looking for her attacker. they are trying to stop an arsonist in the south bay. at least eight fires were started in the past couple weeks asound downing avenue.
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lisa amin gulezian is live from the most recent deliberately set fire. lisa? >> reporter: dan, all of the fires are in this alley behind me. the first was in this dumpster 12 days ago. and then last night around 7:30, someone set fire to this bush. >> it was dark so you could see the embers flying. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of the most recent fire in an alley. there have been at least seven other fires here since september 26th. >> it is very stressful. in the last few weeks, it is just -- it is happening so often. >> reporter: too often for anyone's comfort who lives on this street. the back of their homes are on this alley this. is where they park their cars and throw out their trash, and this is exactly where an arsonist is striking over and over again. mostly in the early evening. on sunday alone, three
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separate fires were set in three lours. three hours. >> it is such a small, consolidated area. we do not want this person to continue in this behavior. >> reporter: the fear is the fire will spread to these homes, and residents don't want to take any chances. >> i have my ds and my ipad packed in case there is anything that happens to get out quick. >> i took an extra long lunch yesterday just to drive home to make sure my house is in one piece. >> reporter: this eucalyptus tree will be cut down tomorrow. you can see its trunk was already torched once. residents are afraid if there is a next time, the fire will race through the branches and the leaves and leap to their rooftops. and tomorrow fire investigators will be out here passing out these fliers to those who live and work in this area. it is letting them know that there is an arsonist out there. they say they need the public's help to stop this person. live in san jose tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news.
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>> lisa, thanks. up next, why this target store is unlike any you have seen before. the ribbon cutting. >> and a dog is stolen during a burglary. a five-year-old's plea for its safe rurp. >> and a dramatic sea lion
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new tonight, san francisco residents don't have to leave city limits to shop at target anymore. mayor ed le celebrated the first store in san francisco. it is called city target and takes up the second floor of the metrion building. it is different in that it won't sell bulky items. it is tailored to urban customers with smaller living spaces. the retailer is also trying selling athletic clothing in a different store. >> we have c9 champion products in all of our stores, but the c9 concept is our downstairs store that is devoted to one of our most popular in house brands. >> and if it works here, target may duplicate this concept in other cities. ?ai a heart broken -- a heart broken 15-year-old girl is asking for the return of her stolen dog.
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this is holy. the five-year-old pug was stolen when thieves broke into the home of cynthia. thieves got away with jewelry and electronics as well as holly. injured sea lion is recovering after a bold rescue at san francisco's pier39. tourists spotted a plastic box strapped around its neck while on the decks. a team came to the rescue of the ailing animal. they used a tranquilizer gun and managed to rescue it with a net. the sea lion is in good condition tonight. >> should be okay. now back to weather. we have rain and lightning popping around. >> sandhya patel has the latest. >> carolyn and dan, we have our own doppler. always tracking the weather for you. as we check it out i want to show you what it looks like. scattered showers around the bay area. i want to show you what had occurred over the last hour or so. we saw numerous lightning strikes on the peninsula. working up from the south and heading northward it has all died down in terms of the lightning.
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but we still have some moisture in the atmosphere. south san francisco, utah avenue around 380 we are seeing rainfall around brisbane. and as we head up toward daly city you will notice wet pavement, hills dale boulevard and a lot of tweets tonight. ryan tweets, "i thought my place was on a runway" when the thunder peeled. mountain view is where he is tweeting from and he receives .12 of an inch of rain. as you look here, right around the monterey bay we are still seeing activity. so still not out of the question to see some isolated thunderstorms. the temperatures at this hour are in the 50s and in the 60s. i want to show you some photos. this one was sent by sara from sunnyvale. she said it was coming down pretty good. let's show you another picture from san jose sent to my twitter by rodriguez usa.
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you can see the rain drops on the garage. one last photo we will show you here. this was sent by carlos dc83 from santa clara, and you can clearly see when the sprinkles began, and then it started to pick up. and the terred showers and isolate -- scattered showers and isolated thunder. you don't have to worry about that. overnight readings are in the midto upper 40s in the north bay valleys. a cool start. you will need your umbrella. you will see a few scattered showers. 50s elsewhere, and you will also need your sweaters and jackets. here is the system that has been sitting here and lurking here for a good amount of time. that's what drew up the moisture. you have the heating from the sun which destabilized the atmosphere. we saw the thunderstorms develop. as this continues to move south we will put in isolated thunderstorms for your wednesday afternoon. best chance in the south bay. this is going to mean by thursday snow above 8,000 feet for the central and southern sierra. it will be the first snowflakes of the season if this materializes. we have already seen the first
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rain drops of the season here in the bay area. there is the thunderstorm chance you can see. it is best chance santa cruz mountains and a little more sun to the north. low 60s to the mid70s for your wednesday afternoon. if i were you, i would grab the umbrella when you head out the door. around the monterey bay, the best possibility of seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms. the accu-weather seven-day forecast we will dry it out for your thursday, friday the warm up begins, and it will be warmer for your weekend. mid60s coast. upper 70s to low 80s inland. dryer for monday and tuesday as well. it is not too late to win $40 money,000 from abc7. these people are taking the chance. jd of oakland, patricia k from san rafael and ronnie t from san francisco. you can enter and go to news. click on the win $49,000 button. that will take you to this page where you can fill out the intree form. it is right after the 49ers' game. mike niko will be here, carolyn and dan first thing in
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the morning. we will be tracking showers or thunderstorms with live doppler 7hd. >> thanks,
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more on our breaking news. the san francisco board of
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supervisors voted 7-4 to reinstate ross mercumi as sheriff. it returns a convicted domestic batterer to lead the sheriff's office. lisa strongly disagrees with the action. more on abc7 news beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. again the a's win today, but there were frustrated a's fans that went to the coliseum, but could not get into the ballpark for tonight's game because of a misunderstanding. about 70 fans purchased tickets for alds american league division series home game number three on-line, believes they could use them today. but those tickets get you into home game three. that's game five of the whole series against the tigers. >> so basically the misunderstanding is this is home game number one. the tickets say home game number one and people misunderstood by coming with game number three. >> playoff tickets do not have
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game times or dates. the team says they are following major league baseball ticketing policy. >> frustrating. it is confusing. >> it can be confusing. it is like that for all of the teams. giants and a's both find a way to survive. cocoa atones for game two with the a's. sports is next.
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after dropping two close games in detroit the a's were back home for game three of their division playoff series with the tigers. the stands are filled with green and gold. they got a golden performance out of anderson. waiting six years for a playoff game and they were pulped. a's got on the board in the first. what a game he had. base hit up the middle. cocoa crisp scores and it is 1-0a's. to the second and this is the catch of the post season so far. cocoa crisp to x-finity and
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beyond. i should get free cable after that. cocoa making up for the error. he said it was on his mind for a couple bays. he crushes this one 400 feet. 200 athletics. first game since straining his oblique 20 days ago. six score less and allows two hits. welcome back to prince fielder's nightmare. robbed by crisp earlier. diving to make the catch. the playoffs are all about pitching and defense. have to have it. he came in to close things out in the 9th and guess who? fielder with a man on. the game ending double play. the a's live it 2-0. still down two games to none. here is cocoa on that catch. >> it is one of the few hard hit balls today. i didn't think it would actually go that far. it is a strong guy. it just makes it tougher to
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deal with the wall. >> they pitched and played a perfect game. he had a good curve ball and a good breaking ball. i think cocoa gave him a lot of momentum when he took the homerun from fielder ssments they were set up perfect for him they played a perfect game. >> anderson was money. like the a's it was win or go home for the giants. they got three hits and struck out 15 times and eked on ut a win in game three with the reds. the giants dropped the first two games at home. cincy was going for the sweep. baylor threw a no hit other september 28th and had another one through five. sandoval, one of the 10 strikeout victims. he allowed three hits and in the first inning. jay bruce knocking in cozar. to the third and bailey plunks orblanco. at least giants have a base runner. after a walk and sacrifice they score without the benefit of a hit. a sack sacrifice fly and it is a 1-1 game. go to the 10th now and giants with runners at second
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and third and he grounds to scott roland, an eight-time gold glover who bobbles and the throw is not in time. 2-1 giants. bottom of the 10th and romo closes the door. cozart is the final out and the giants survive 2-1 in 10. still down two games to 1, but live to fight in game four. >> i think we have to be happy we came away with this win tonight. we didn't swing the bats very well at all. you know, they were outstanding. >> smoke and mirrors for the giants today at cinncinati to produce a win. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> we'll take it. it was fabulous. thanks, larry. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. abc news begins tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> we will have more on the decision. thank you so much for
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